Homemade with Colorado Stone

Two colors are SPECIALTY Item

14 inches                                        12 inches                             10 inches                           10 inches               8 inches                 8 inches

Consider how wonderful it would be to have some rare planters, with perfect drainage, where your plants can thrive in a natural looking habitat. Rockin Potz is ideal for incorporating a piece of Colorado into your home and landscaping projects

1. Wild Rose                    6. Multi Color          

2. Ruby Spar                  7.   White Western      

3. Light Gray Granite   8.   Midnight Luster        

4. Black Obsidian          9 .Black Obsidian  Mix   

5.. Green Fern              10 .Green Fern Mix


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We have a variety of stones and sizes , so you can find the perfect pot or planter. Don’t miss your chance to integrate this irreplaceable detail into your space.

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